Friday, April 15, 2011

In a World of Choice

This was written on April 15th 2011

We all make choices in our life. You get up every morning and you decide what you're going to eat for breakfast. Is it cereal or are you going to go all out with the eggs, bacon, sausage and toast? You take a shower and then get dressed for work or school. You wanna look good, and you know what you look good in, but maybe you want to have some fun today. You make the choice between formal socks and those tacky mismatched Christmas socks you got last year from your Aunt Linda. In this world of choice we choose everything. Where we hang out, what friends we have, who we ignore on Facebook, where we work, what we eat. We've even begun to realize through more recent scientific research that we can choose how much we sleep. Teenagers have had this down for years, we stay up until the wee hours of the morning and somehow still manage to get up at 6 o'clock for school. Albeit grudgingly, blaming our parents for our own decision to stay up all night.

However, that's not all we can choose is it? We can literally choose anything in this day and age. There are procedures to change what we look like and how our body functions. They're even doing studies on making anatomical (cyborg) body parts for people who need new livers. Made from our own body cells and grown in a tube. Many movies joke about cloning, but it's real. You can choose to partake in the various types of research in development right now. So, if we can literally choose anything in this day and age; why can't we choose who we love?

We've all had our heartbreaks, our relationship failures. We've watched someone we loved walk away, or forced ourselves to walk away from someone we loved. We shut ourself off from people in meaningless ways because we're all afraid of being hurt. There are a few people out there who make the decision, the conscious decision to just love people for who they are. They are a dying breed as our society forces people to become more cynical and self-centered. We tell people that the right one will come eventually, that we need to stop trying and then they'll just be there. Is that really what we want to leave our kids with? We want to tell them to wait, tell them that everything else needs to be fought for, tooth and nail. When it comes to love though, they have to just wait it out, suffer through relationships until "the one" finally shows up? I say that we've all been watching too many Disney movies with our kids.

We have allowed ourselves to be fed a load of horse shit. Capitalism allows us to choose everything. Yet we keep telling ourselves that there is only one soul mate out there for us. So what am I really getting at? Well we know now that our brain functions on electronic frequencies, that chemicals and cells reacting with each other make our brain work. In a world where we can choose everything else, where self-control has become necessary to make it through a walk downtown with your pocketbook intact. We need to stop with "the one" philosophy where we just sit back and wait, letting all these wonderful people walk away from us and slip through our fingers. Opportunity is just that, a window that slips on by if you let it. We need to be telling our kids that they have a choice to make, that they can choose who to love and who to hate and that ultimately they determine their own future in every shape and form.

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